Hey all! My name is Kara and I am super excited you’re here. I grew up in New Jersey in a loving family and community.  The world’s problems were far away from me personally, and so I was as idealistic as they come. (I even have the Sociology degree to prove it.)  Some years of disillusionment later, I am now married, have 3 small children, and live on a farm in Michigan with my husband.  I am not a one girl show.  I never was, though my old self might have claimed I could be!  And I now recognize that in order to create lasting change, we must all combine our ideas, talents, and time.  The theme song to Captain Planet comes to mind here…

barack obama change quote

So, I created this page to bring us together. We all have different reasons for being here, but we do have one thing in common – the desire to create change. The world may be full of big, scary problems, and while it is overwhelming, there is so much we can do RIGHT NOW.  There is no need to wait for more time, or more skills.  We can amplify our individual impact by uniting ourselves and sharing our strengths. I am building this community and I hope you consider joining me.

We are creating problem-specific solutions, inviting others to the conversation, and becoming leaders in our communities. Start by opening your closet. Get involved now by doing a 10×10 style challenge with your community. And get your FREE guide to starting an ethical wardrobe here and get access to our 2-week miniseries about minimizing your clothes and maximizing your impact.

Need to get inspired first? I get it. Browse around here for stories or check out our community on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Get connected and get started.

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