First Birthday Banners

There are so many cute ways to mark your child’s amazing (and fast!) growth throughout their first year. Month stickers, pictures in the same outfit they outgrow, collages, etc. I decided to go with monthly pictures with stickers. Seemed like the easiest way. I also decided after the first month to put a stuffed animal in the picture each time to see how she grew. I spent the first few months trying all my tricks to get her to smile. They hardly worked. The last few months I spent trying to get her to sit still. Oh, how they change so fast!

For her first birthday party, I wanted to do a banner of all the 12 month pictures so everyone could see how she’d grown and compare months. I bought paper at Michael’s that went with my color scheme and glued 4×6 photos to them. I punched two holes in each, strung fishing wire, and used binder clips to attach the banner to our house. I wanted to use pretty ribbon or something, but we were trying to do her party on a budget, so I went with resourceful. Still came out really cute! The banner is now hanging in her room because I can’t bear the thought of throwing it away!

12 Month Photo Banner | Jersey Up!

Which month was her chubbiest do you think?

I also made her a high chair banner with her name on it. I wanted to decorate her high chair a little bit since we’d be taking so many photos of her (delicately) smashing a cake. I cut the same paper I used for her 12 month banner into the shape I wanted, wrote her name, and strung it up in a similar manner. We also used her name banner for her 12 month photo shoot. I am (im)patiently waiting for the proofs to arrive.

High Chair Birthday Banner | Jersey Up!

More cake please?

You could obviously be more elaborate with both banners, but I was going for simple. You should do something that goes with your theme and your crafting abilities. I’ve seen some really awesome banners on Pinterest that were way out of my league. But, sometimes simple is best, don’t you think?

First Birthday Banners | Jersey Up!

I made these pre-birthday and just added the last photo the day of the party.

Excuses, excuses!

I am going to be verrryyyy busy the next few weeks.  My daughter is turning one next Wednesday (gah!) and since we live at minimum 6 hours away from family, we are hosting a variety of people next week.  Some for a week or two, some for a few days, all of which are overlapping at some point or another.  I had to make an Excel sheet.  (I won’t pretend I didn’t color code it.)  Not to mention, the first birthday party!


Needless to say, I will be busy.  But this also means I have lots of fun new recipes to share with you once all the chaos dies down.  Cakes, cupcakes, appetizers, meals, and of course fun birthday pictures and crafts.  I’m really looking forward to all the craziness and trying my best to prepare for it all ahead of time.  So, please excuse my absence for a bit, and be patient for a lot of goodies to come!


It’s hard for me to admit how true this is.